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If you are incapacitated, you will have to rely on First Responders, Good Citizens or Neighbors to do the right thing.  Make it easy to find your Crisis Information!  Use bright colors to catch their attention.  And you need a copy of this Crisis Information in your wallet, purse, home and vehicles.
Imagine You Have Become Incapacitated.   How Will Your Loved Ones Know?
Front Side      You Need A Printed Plastic Crisis Card       Back Side

In Case Of Emergency
Please Contact Angela

Work:  (352) 555-1234
Home:  (352) 555-1234

In Case Of Emergency
Please Contact Angela

Work:  (352) 555-1234
Home:  (352) 555-1234
Now, Imagine You Are With Your Small Child.  You Are Unconscious From A Severe Allergic
Reaction To Multiple Bee Stings.    But This Time, You Have A Printed Plastic Crisis Card...
Front Side                          Get The Point?                          Back Side
In Case Of Emergency
My Name Is Arthur Cobb. If I am incapacitated
Please Contact Angela
Work:  (352) 555-1234
Home:  (352) 555-1234
 Cell:  (352) 555-1234

Angela Cobb
1234 Lookout Pt
Crystal River, FL 38886
Name: Arthur Cobb
Medic Alert: Severe Bee Sting Allergy
Allergies: Penicillin, Bee Sting
Medications: SIMVASTATIN 80 MG
Blood Type: O Positive
    My Son May Be With Me
Name: Matthew Cobb
Medic Alert: None
Allergies: Penicillin
Medications: None
Blood Type: O Positive
Age: 4
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Trauma & Scratch Resistant

QUESTION ?     What Is The Most Important Item In Your Home, Car, Wallet Or Purse?
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ANSWER:      A means to let your family or loved ones know that you have become incapacitated and/or have suffered a Catastrophic or Crisis Event.
Why You Need 4 Crisis Cards 1&2
1. Obviously, you need One Card in your wallet or purse. This is where First Responders will look for your ID in the event you are Incapacitated.

2. But what if you are Home Alone, and your wallet is not readily available. Your Kitchen is the center of your home. First Responders will generally look for any refrigerated medicines. You need to place a Card On Your Refrigerator. That's Why we include a handy Pocket Magnet with every Order.

Why You Need 4 Crisis Cards 3&4
3. If your vehicle is found abandoned for any reason, First Responders will Look  in the Glove Compartment for Identification.  You need a Crisis Card in your vehicle.

4. Your last card is important.  You may want to place it in a second vehicle, motorcycle, boat, gym bag, jogging gear.  Another good placement is with your Favorite Neighbor.

MEDIC ALERT:  Alzheimer's, Asthma, Autism, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Severe Allergies, Heart Disease, Hemophilia, Hypertension or any other chronic conditions require special attention from First Responders & Attending Physicians.  If Incapacitated, will you have a means to let them Know?
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MEDICATIONS:  If you become Incapacitated how will any First Responders know about your Medications?  How many people die because of Incompatible Medications during a crisis event?
ALLERGIES:  If you become Incapacitated how will any First Responders know about your Allergies? How many people die because of unknown allergies during a crisis event?
HAVE CHILDREN?:  You are with your infant or small child and for whatever reason you become incapacitated.  At the one time your child needs a parent the most, how will First Responders know to contact your spouse?  This is exactly how this website was created.  My ex-wife was convinced that I might drop dead from a heart attack while our infant son was in my care.  She begged me to put a piece of paper in my wallet that simply said "In case of Emergency, call Angela at (352) 555-1234".  We both love our son more than any differences we may have so it did not take long to convince her that she should carry the same information about me.  The Point here is how will Anyone know to contact your child's next best Care-Giver in the event you are Incapacitated?
CATASTROPHES:  You are somehow involved in a Catastrophic or Crisis Event.  Earthquake, Hurricane or Terrorism.  The first thing that happens is all phones die.  There is no way to communicate.  If you simply had an alternate address that you have agreed upon in advance, you could meet up with your family or loved ones.  But you have to write it down!  Do you know how many children are still displaced from Hurricane Katrina?  
HOME ALONE:  So many Americans live alone now days.  If you are Home Alone or in your Retirement Home down in Florida.  How will your children or loved ones know if you become Incapacitated?
ARE YOU PREPARED ?    Our Federal Government through Department Of Homeland Security, American Red Cross, FEMA and scores of other agencies has urged every citizen to come up with an emergency plan.  On the left and above, we provide you with free links to their version of Our Crisis Card.  We Implore You to print & fill out one of these cards or USE OUR SERVICE !
Think !   This May Be The Most Important Thing You Ever Do!
THE BOTTOM LINE:  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to provide a Crisis Plan and make it available in the event of an emergency.
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